The advisory services are structured as follows

Interim management

Our company's consultants are also available as interim managers at home and abroad. All of our consultants have management experience at various levels up to top management. Since we carry out our consulting tasks in a very practice-oriented manner and are constantly involved in the implementation, knowledge and skills are constantly updated and put to the test.


At RMG, all consultancy activities are performed by consultants who have at least five years of experience as consultants. All of our consultants are business fluent in multiple languages.
We have an international network of consulting partners that enables us to build powerful teams on all continents.

Process optimization


According to our understanding, a stable process must be able to be carried out independently and repeatably by every employee trained for this purpose. The RMG consultants analyze the weak points in your company and present action and process alternatives or optimizations and give them to you on hand.


The experiences of our employees as former production managers, QA managers, managing directors, etc. lead to practical solutions. We accompany the process changes and optimizations until they are completely stabilized and carry out ongoing effectiveness analyzes. Suply chain management as well as appropriate documentation and training complete our offer for your successful changes in the company.

Structural organization


Companies are constantly changing. We support this change so that this does not become a constant obstacle. Here, we pay particular attention to modern structures that are suitable for every company.


We do not offer standard solutions, but use analyzes, benchmarks, best practice studies and a high degree of experience and empathy to make the "next restructuring" the last possible for a very long period of time.



Project management

Our employees work in many fields of project management. These range from accompanying a new car project from an OEM to greenfield projects in Germany and abroad to monitoring the construction of extensive production facilities.


The tools used meet international requirements and can also be adapted at any time, depending on customer availability.

Supplier qualification


The demands of the automotive industry on their Tier One and Tier Two suppliers are constantly increasing. We accompany the companies on their way to becoming a trustworthy partner of the industry.


The RMG consultants are practical and implementable and support

initiated processes until completion.

Management training

The RMG Consult Management Training is generally offered and carried out as individual training.


We assume that there is no general leadership approach that fits every personality. We therefore accompany you in your daily work and analyze your very personal approach. There are no discussions about strengths and weaknesses, but an exchange about your impact on your direct and indirect environment in the work process and the resulting effects on the success of your work and that of your employees.
Since we work in a process-oriented manner, we can simultaneously analyze and optimize both your personal organization and its effects on the work processes.